I have a question. I want to get the shortest route, and I used this algorithm. First I collected the legs of all routes and then I picked the shortest leg. But I am not sure if it is true. Is this the correct way to find the shortest route ? Because at the and I do not have a shortest route object in my hand. I need the route object to get its overview_polyline value. Also if I get the shortest route, how to get its distance? Thanks in advance!

DirectionsApi.getDirections(getGeoContext(), origin, destination)
                .setCallback(new PendingResult.Callback<DirectionsResult>() {
                    public void onResult(DirectionsResult result) {
                        Set<Long> distances = new HashSet<>();
                        if (result != null && result.routes != null && result.routes.length > 0)
                            for (DirectionsRoute route : result.routes)
                                    for (DirectionsLeg leg : route.legs)
                                        if (leg.distance != null)

                        if (!distances.isEmpty()) {

                            ArrayList<Long> sortedList = new ArrayList(distances);

                            distance = min(sortedList);


                        runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {
                            public void run() {

                    public void onFailure(Throwable e) {
                        runOnUiThread(() -> {
                            Toast.makeText(LancamentoODIIActivity.this, "Não foi possível traçar a rota, por favor tenta novamente mais tarde.", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
  • Any help would be appreciated ! :) – Hilal Jan 24 at 21:10

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