I want the function to produce an error in a try block if a condition is faced, and output one of the inputs without any change in the case of this error. Please note that I do not wish to create a list output or anything as I need to have consistent output. My question is how can I check that the error does occur for some values using testthat? For example, for the below function:

myfunc = function(x,y){
      stop("Negative X")
    y = y+x


I want to test and ensure error does occur for x=-1:

I have tried:


But I get:

Error in try({ : Negative X
Error: `myfunc(-1, 2)` did not throw an error.
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    Do you want your function to error (i.e., stop) AND return a value? – SymbolixAU Jan 25 at 2:52
  • Yes, if x is not valid, I need to output an error in a log file (e.g. this method failed with these inputs) and output y in original class anyways. – Al J Abadi Jan 25 at 2:59
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    I don't think stop is the right function. This is designed to "stop" a function. Maybe you just want to writeLines to a file or something? – SymbolixAU Jan 25 at 3:05
  • in R you can't both throw an error and return a value for a single function call. Maybe you want to throw a warning() instead? – MrFlick Jan 25 at 3:45
  • Please note that stop() is in a try block, so facing that will only lead to exiting the try block, outputting the error and evaluating the rest. – Al J Abadi Jan 25 at 6:00

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