Seems like on iOS 12.1 Siri doesn't use your custom phrase for the failure result. I was struggling with my own app trying to make it work (according to all the tutorial and examples there are no pitfalls in that exact pies of code). But didn't make it. Eventually I tried Soup Chef (Apple's example app) and it doesn't work either - if you emulate a failureOutOfStock response and provide properly configured response object you still see the default screen instead of "Sorry, ${soup} is out of stock.": enter image description here

Any ideas on this matter?

  • As a workaround I use the success flag in the Response Templates configurator (in .intetnsdefinition file). So the response code is being treated as the successful one and the phrase is being properly used by Siri. But success responses work differently, so it's just a dirty fix – Dmitrii Jan 25 at 10:12

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