I'm creating an input field mixed with tags and inputs using the tagify plugin- section-mix- (see: https://yaireo.github.io/tagify/#section-mix).

The problem is:

Note that tags can only be created if the value matches any of the whitelisted item's value.

I want to add them myself by hitting enter just as in the other examples in the link. Any idea how to solve this with tagify?


<textarea name='mix'>@cartman and @kyle do not know #homer who is #lisa</textarea>


var input = document.querySelector('[name=mix]'),
// init Tagify script on the above inputs
tagify = new Tagify(input, {
    mode       : 'mix',  // <--  Enable mixed-content
    pattern    : /@/,  // <--  Tag words which start with # (can be a String instead of Regex)
    whitelist  : [
            value: 'Homer'
    dropdown   : {
        enabled : 1

var whitelist_2 = ['Homer', 'Marge', 'Bart', 'Lisa', 'Maggie', 'Mr. Burns', 'Ned', 'Milhouse', 'Moe'];

// A good place to pull server suggestion list accoring to the prefix/value
tagify.on('input', function(e){
var prefix = e.detail.prefix;

    if( prefix == '#' )
        tagify.settings.whitelist = whitelist_2;

    if( e.detail.value.length > 1 )
        tagify.dropdown.show.call(tagify, e.detail.value);
  • Cleaned up grammar, spelling, and code formatting. – Jeremy Harris Jan 25 at 20:21

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