I am reading C Primer Plus. On page 31, the author says:

The stdio.h file is supplied as part of all C compiler packages.

But the author didn't specify from where the actual library code comes from.

I am on a Linux system and I have confusion between gcc or glibc.

So which one provides the actual code?

  • GCC have some of the compiler-specific parts of the standard library, while glibc have the the rest of the standard library (and a lot of other functionality, the POSIX system interface for example). Jan 25 '19 at 13:16
  • So, it's glibc right?
    – Cody
    Jan 25 '19 at 13:17
  • You can always check which package supplies /usr/include/stdio.h. Most package systems have functionality to check for that. Jan 25 '19 at 13:21
  • And besides, does it really matter? You can't have a modern (since 15-20 years or so) Linux system without glibc, and GCC is the standard compiler which you need to develop in C. Why does it matter which package provides which part of the standard library? Jan 25 '19 at 13:27
  • 3
    Just for the information purpose. When I first started learning C years ago on Windows, I didn't have any idea what going on behind the scenes. Now, I am looking to expand my horizons.
    – Cody
    Jan 25 '19 at 13:34

The implementation depends on your system. For Linux, it is glibc.

You can see other implementations here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_standard_library

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