Is it possible to replicate a sharded MongoDB database onto a single cold standby MongoDB, that contains the whole database?

Background: We are considering the implications for our MongoDB database if scaling vertically (using a bigger server) isn't enough to satisfy the CPU power needs (the dataset isn't that large). If you want to scale horizontally, the Mongo manual suggests to use sharding to split the dataset into several parts, and use at least 3 Mongo servers for each of these parts in a replication set for redundancy and availability. Now, that's going to be a lot of servers to run, so we were wondering whether it is possible:

  • to have a sharded cluster with just one Mongo server per shard to satisfy the performance requirements
  • and one cold standby that has the whole dataset of all shards together

This cold standby can be used to making backups much simpler, to improve data safety by replicating all the data, and could be used as a really slow temporary replacement for the sharded cluster if that's down for some reason.

Is it possible to create such a setting with MongoDB? The intended setup for MongoDB is to build the shards from replica sets, while this would require having a replica set with the cold standby as hidden replica set member, and the sharded cluster as other replica set member. Does MongoDB somehow support that setting?

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