I have a requirement with below steps,

1. Login page
2. Page2
3. Page 3 - table view

Now I want to display a tab barcontroller with 4 tab items on page 3. All the 4 tab items have individual view controller. Page 3 is not one of the items of tab controller, it just contains the tabcontroller so that the user can access 4 other functionalities that the app provides. I do not want to display it on the login page and page 2 so adding the tabcontroller to MainWindow is not a possibility. Can anybody please help me out with adding a tabbar controller to a uiview having uitableview.

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You may find this question useful: Tab bar controller inside a navigation controller, or sharing a navigation root view

Alternatively, after Page2 you could swap out the entire root view controller from your window and replace it with a UITabBarController's view. Since this won't be part of a navigation stack, you'll have to manually swap the views.

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