I am trying to solve an issue when two rectangles intersect/overlap each other. when this happens, i want to know if intersection is True or False. I found a solution, however it is written in C or C++. I want to write these code in Python.

Here is the source: http://www.jeffreythompson.org/collision-detection/rect-rect.php

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    what is your question? – fukanchik Jan 25 at 17:07
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    What have you achieved so far? – Ripi2 Jan 25 at 17:14
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    Sounds like a simple geometry/maths problem. Once you understand the underlying maths, implenting a solution in any programming language should be trivial. – Jesper Juhl Jan 25 at 17:17

This is literally the first line of python code I've ever written (I do know C++ however)

def rectRect(r1x, r1y, r1w, r1h, r2x, r2y, r2w, r2h):

    # are the sides of one rectangle touching the other?

    return r1x + r1w >= r2x and    # r1 right edge past r2 left
        r1x <= r2x + r2w and   # r1 left edge past r2 right
        r1y + r1h >= r2y and    # r1 top edge past r2 bottom
        r1y <= r2y + r2h    # r1 bottom edge past r2 top

IMHO rectRect is a really bad name for the function, I kept it from the linked code however.

  • Thank you. I was able to solve the issue. – skylon Jan 28 at 11:27

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