I am creating a dice game and want to introduce password hashing and user is required to enter their username and password. I am new to hashing and I tried this:

from getpass import getpass
from hashlib import pbkdf2_hmac as pwhash

def login(users):
    username = input('please enter username: ')
    if username not in users:
        print("access denied")

    password_hash = None
    while password_hash != users[username]:
        password_hash = pwhash("sha256", getpass().encode("ascii"), b"t4h20p8g24j", 100000)

    print("access granted")
    return username

I then received the following message on console:

GetPassWarning: Can not control echo on the terminal.

so I tried a different ide (went from idle to intellij pycharm) yet the same issue still came about.

I saw other questions but an environment where stdin, stdout and stderr are connected to /dev/tty, or another PTY-compliant device. doesn't really make sense to me I tried to comment but I need more rep. Also I'm running on PyCharm not idle


The input was echoed because the while loop never exited as the condition was not met: the password in the dictionary was stored as plain text just needed to hash the values in the dictionary.

def check_password(hashed_password, user_password):
    password, salt = hashed_password.split(':')
    return password == hashlib.sha256(salt.encode() + user_password.encode()).hexdigest()

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