For my research I am trying to fit a distribution to my data in R.

After plotting a Histogram, Cullen and Frey Graph and observing the QQ-plots, I tested a Gamma, Weibull, Beta and Lognormal distribution with the KS test using the MLE parameters. However, all of the distributions turned out to be significantly different, i.e. KS.test = p<0.05.

As this distribution will form the basis of my research it is important for me to find a proper fit. I wonder why this is happening. Is it because my sample size (n=8949) is too big? Since as N increases it is more likely that the actual data deviates from the theoretical distribution and hence the P-value gets smaller. Or is it because the KS.test is not suitable, and I should do an AD test instead?

I also tried to do an AD test for a Weibull and Gamma distribution, but I don’t know how to properly perform them. The gofstat function for instance will only give the test statistics but not the p values.

I hope someone could help me out,

Thanks in advance!

descdist(df$value, discrete = FALSE, boot=1001)

ggplot(df, aes(x=value)) + geom_histogram(binwidth =0.05, colour="black", fill="white") +  geom_vline(aes(xintercept=mean(value, na.rm=T)),color="red", linetype="dashed", size=1)

fitdistr(df$value, "weibull", lower=c(0,0))

ks.test(df$value, "pweibull", shape=1.039792830, scale=0.099310090)

c(0.006055076, 0.078882901, 0.040908764, 0.056675063, 0.212886598,0.012975779, 0.126702997, 0.320462232, 0.103448276, 0.006457848, 0.014344262, 0.038720612, 0.046426529, 0.00120048, 0.044226044, 0.036389753, 0.061438416, 0.053459119, 0.113921872, 0.172096084, 0.005617208, 0.012903226, 0.03904315, 0.025947966, 0.376678445, 0.074242048, 0.030187768, 0.136665612, 0.106063996, 0.131401884, 0.1760674, 0.086108308, 0.08617212, 0.094750118, 0.168123393, 0.179432624, 0.131021195, 0.076757422, 0.121017975, 0.018665783, 0.309490787, 0.081351189, 0.025745257, 0.193331143, 0.058882236, 0.140890514, 0.189203354, 0.031100825, 0.01419315, 0.093666993)

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