Purchased a Gear Sport watch for Xmas with Tizen 3.0. No problem installing an app from Tizen Studio. Last week I updated to Tizen, and now Tizen Studio 3.1 cannot install the app due to certificate error -12:

> start process (install) ...... error : -12 error message: :Non trusted
> certificate is used. Register valid certificate:<-32>  end process
> (fail) processing result : Check certificate error [-12] failed spend
> time for pkgcmd is [1377]ms cmd_ret:244

Tried removing old certificates and creating new ones without success.

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I was able to resolve the issue by doing the following:

  • Delete all old certificates including manually deleting the files in [Install folder]\SDK-data\keystore.
  • Uninstall Extension SKDs from Package Manager.
  • In Package Manager -> Configure, click Extension SDK and turn on Samsumg Certificate Extension and Samsumng Wearable Extension.
  • Install Extensions SKDs of interest + Samsung Certificate and Wearable Extensions.
  • Create a new Samsung certificate, selecting "Use an existing author certificate" in Advanced options, providing the certificate from C:\Users[user account]\SamsungCertificate[certificate name]

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