I have a rel[loc, str, int, int] which I aliased as ECCModel

Iterating over it in a function results in an error "Type of pattern could not be computed" when elements of the pattern are called location. When named anything other than location, the errors disappear. Is "location" a reserved word in Rascal? Regardless of the errors, it will compile and run just fine.

The error can be produced with the following method

alias ECCModel = rel[loc, str, int, int]
map[str,int] Foo(ECCModel bar)
    return (y : z | <location, y, z, _> <- bar);

Is this expected behavior?


This is not expected behavior and location is not a reserved word, but loc is. I think this is a glitch of the current compiler. For your clarification: we currently have three implementations of Rascal:

  • The Rascal interpreter.
  • The current (also already sometimes called "old") compiler.
  • The new compiler we are working on that is not yet released.

Your example runs fine with the interpreter and new compiler. So the problem you are reporting will disappear over time.

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