The Angular language service does not work in VSCode. In HTML there is no intellisense when using F12 to go to component.

The tsconfig.json gives no errors when opened in VSCode.

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Reason: Angular Language service may not work because of Experimental ivy gets Enables

enter image description here

Solution : we need to disable that or uncheck the box by going into extension settings.

enter image description here

  • Great works like charm. I even disabled the prompting. Now I realized experimental features can be dangerous try on your own risk. Apr 5, 2021 at 5:25
  • @LuisAlfredoSerranoDíaz after disabling, u need to reload the vs code. Apr 19, 2021 at 12:03
  • The fact that this solved my issue - two years later - makes me incredibly sad.
    – ak.leimrey
    Apr 28, 2021 at 16:55

For all other google'ers that end up here the upcoming days: There is a bug in version v0.1100.3 and downgrading to version v0.1100.2 is the solution for many:


You can install another version directly in VSCode:

enter image description here

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    Oh my gosh, works like a charm! I wasted 2h x.x Thanks!!
    – timadito
    Jan 15, 2021 at 21:38
  • 2
    This was the solution for my problem. Apr 18, 2021 at 18:28
  • Funny, we are way past this version, every time I get a notification of an upvote I know the latest version is still broken :)
    – CularBytes
    Apr 19, 2021 at 10:23
  • 2
    The same bug has been introduced again in version 14.2.0. For me, 14.1.0 works fine. So, downgraded to 14.1.0. Sep 21, 2022 at 13:56

I use Angular Language Service version 12.2.0. The solution that worked for me is to enable legacy view engine language service.

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Now, I am using Angular Language Service version 13.0. It showed errors when I updated Angular to version 13.0, but, when I deselected the use legacy view engine option, the errors are gone.


You can try to restart Angular Language Service.

Press STRG+SHITFT+P for opening the Command Palette. Search for Angular: Restart Angular Language Service Screenshot how to Restart Angular Language Service Here you can find the feature request and the pull request on github.

  • For recent Angular version (above 13), that's probably the right answer!
    – Sébi11
    Mar 20, 2023 at 14:42

The problem was a trailing comma in the tsconfig.json. Which is allowed in vscode. but can't parsed as json. With Help - Toggle Developer Tools it shows the message in a browser console.

The problem was solved after removing the trailing comma and restart vsCode / project

see message in developtool bar

  • i had the same problem, removing the invalid trailing comma solved it!
    – Hoff
    Mar 11, 2019 at 11:02
  • This answer still works 3 years later. Can't believe it was this! Feb 2, 2023 at 17:08

From This Medium Article: Angular Language Service is not Working?

  1. You need to make sure VS Code does not auto — update the extension version as it does, so we put “extensions.autoUpdate”: false in your user settings (works in user level settings only — not available on project level settings ).

To edit your settings in settings.json , start by opening the Command Palette with CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + P . From the Command Palette, you have a choice between two commands that edit your settings: The Open Settings (JSON) command will let you directly edit the settings JSON file.

  1. Then right click on the extensions and select Install another version:

Image show how to click on VScode extension to install another version


In may case, this was due to a conflict with another extension. I uninstalled some of the extensions (specifically nunjucks) and restarted VSCode, then intellisense on HTML came back.


From https://github.com/angular/vscode-ng-language-service/issues/1753:

Based on the few comments here for project version, the issue is limited to older projects. We make a best effort to be backwards compatible, but this is not always possible. For older projects, I have pinpointed the breakage to the commit which updated the TypeScript version. This necessary for the extension to work with 14.2. Older projects should install a previous version of the language service that has a bundled TypeScript version compatible with the project. Again, backwards compatibility is a goal but not always possible. The extension version always aims to be compatible with the corresponding version of Angular (14.2 compatible with 14.2, 11 compatible with 11). You can always go back and install the matching extension version for your project (or a newer version with more features, provided it's still compatible). Closing as working as expected.

TL;DR - the solution will depend on the version of your Angular project. You will need to find the latest version of Angular Language Service that works with your project. In my case, I am on Angular v10.1.0, and the latest version that worked for me was v11.2.14. I went down by major versions.

Keep going back versions via Uninstall > Install Another Version... on the extension page until you find the version that works for you.


For me the solution was to disable Experimental-ivy in Angular Language Service extention->settings:

disable experimental-ivy


I'm using Angular 12.2.5 and Angular Language Service 12.2.0. Nothing from above worked in my case, so what I tried as a last resort was to just:

  1. uninstall it
  2. restart VS Code
  3. then re-install it

And that did the trick! Now intellisense is properly working again in html files.


For me (working on an old Angular project), it was because the template was imported like this:

import * as template from './<compontent-name>.component.html';

    template: template as any,

I fixed it by removing the import and use templateUrl instead of template:

    templateUrl: './<compontent-name>.component.html',

For me (in 2023) what worked was deleting the Angular language service, then restarting the vscode, then installing the extension again. Its important that when the vscode ask if you want to install all the recommended extensions you answer install.


I uninstalled visual code and then installed it and it was solved (I have a mac by the way)


try it , may be solved

VSCode - User Settings

"editor.snippetSuggestions": "top",


"editor.snippetSuggestions": "inline",

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