It's a very common requirement that adding animations to the progress of adding new item to ListView.

e.g. in this flutter code lab (chat program), there's a SizeTransition animation when a new message just added.

The sample code creates the animation controller out of the final widget and passes the instance of the controller through constructor.

void _handleSubmitted(String text) {
  ChatMessage message = new ChatMessage(
    text: text,
    animationController: new AnimationController(
      duration: new Duration(milliseconds: 700),
      vsync: this,
  setState(() {
    _messages.insert(0, message);

Consequently, there's need to dispose in a loop:

void dispose() {
  for (ChatMessage message in _messages)

However, from encapsulation point view, the AnimationController should be the internal concern of ChatMessage. That means we need make ChatMessage statefull widget.

I understand usually statefullwidget takes a cost. My question though is in such case how big the performance cost is.

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