I am working on existing concrete5 website and I don't have sufficient knowledge of concrete database structure. I am creating api to fetch all the products which are added in "Stacks and Blocks". I have cID, stID values and fetched the info from stacks table, Can anyone please let me know How to fetch the complete details including image from database.

I tried to make the relation between tables based on cID, stID.

Thanks in advance.

  • First of al please clearify your question by adding more information. What are the products (c5-page or an doctrine entity), what do you mean by "added in Stacks and Blocks" - is this the c5 functionality or is this a table which you named so?
    – 1stthomas
    Jan 29, 2019 at 14:01

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The images are stored in the application/files directory although you'll need to retrieve the path from the database to find them. as @1stthomas noted, without more details of the information you are working with, it's difficult to provide any specific advice.

FWIW, the API documentation for concrete5 can be found here.

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