I am searching for an answer to the above question for many days. Some related questions have been asked in StackOverflow, for example: this and this. However, they suggest that it's not possible.

I want to use the RSS from Wi-Fi devices (access points) for indoor localization. It's quite easy with Android devices, where certain permission to access the Wi-Fi module is required. However, with iOS (iPhones), I couldn't find a way.

A published journal has reported the indoor localization result using iPhone6 with Wi-Fi signals. But it doesn't say how did they do it. I had sent an email to the author of the paper, however, I couldn't get a reply.

Is there any way to access the Wi-Fi (scan the RSS of Wi-Fi devices) using iPhone? Has anybody done it?

If it's possible, a small hint or a small code snippet would be very helpful.

Thank you.

  • try this stackoverflow.com/questions/31555640/… – Vishnu Jan 28 at 9:33
  • I'm aware of the question. In fact, I had asked my question as a comment in the answers to that question. However, I need to get permission from Apple and need to register my application as Hotspot helper. I write my iOS for research proposes only, not for commercial propose. Hence, the solution does not help me a lot. – santobedi Jan 29 at 3:01

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