To get error report on iOS/Android deployed app i use grijjy solutions (https://blog.grijjy.com/2017/02/09/build-your-own-error-reporter-part-1-ios/). The problem is that it's gave me the function name where the error occur but not the exact line number. For example I often have this error:

Argument out of range
At address: $002CDD4B (Generics.Collections.TListHelper.CheckItemRange(Integer) + 62)

Call stack:
MyApp $00BB153D Grijjy.Errorreporting.backtrace(Pointer*, Integer) + 8
MyApp $00BB1427 Grijjy.Errorreporting.TgoExceptionReporter.GlobalGetExceptionStackInfo(TExceptionRecord*) + 74
MyApp $001C4D83 Sysutils.Exception.RaisingException(TExceptionRecord*) + 38
MyApp $001E903D Sysutils.RaiseExceptObject(TExceptionRecord*) + 44
MyApp $001B0D9D _RaiseAtExcept(TObject*, Pointer) + 164
MyApp $001B1007 _RaiseExcept(TObject*) + 14
MyApp $002CDD4B Generics.Collections.TListHelper.CheckItemRange(Integer) + 62
MyApp $0059D4B3 Fmx.Controls.TControl.PaintChildren() + 222
MyApp $005BB987 Fmx.Controls.TControl.PaintInternal().DoPaintInternal(Pointer) + 1162
MyApp $005BC165 Fmx.Controls.TControl.PaintInternal().PaintAndClipChild(Pointer) + 500
MyApp $005B8F09 Fmx.Controls.TControl.PaintInternal() + 376
MyApp $007569D5 Fmx.Forms.TCustomForm.PaintRects(Types.TRectF const*, Integer) + 1008
MyApp $0074A001 __stub_in660v62__ZN3Fmx5Forms17TCommonCustomForm10PaintRectsEPKN6System5Types6TRectFEi + 24
MyApp $0068257D Fmx.Platform.Ios.TFMXView3D.drawRect(Iosapi.Foundation.NSRect) + 204
MyApp $00C2BA57 DispatchToDelphi + 82
MyApp $00C2B927 dispatch_first_stage_intercept + 18
QuartzCore $246A9F63 <redacted> + 106
QuartzCore $2468E551 <redacted> + 204
QuartzCore $2468E211 <redacted> + 24
QuartzCore $2468D6D1 <redacted> + 368
QuartzCore $2468D3A5 <redacted> + 520
QuartzCore $24686B2B <redacted> + 138
CoreFoundation $220456C9 <redacted> + 20
CoreFoundation $220439CD <redacted> + 280
CoreFoundation $22043DFF <redacted> + 958
CoreFoundation $21F93229 CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 520
CoreFoundation $21F93015 CFRunLoopRunInMode + 108
GraphicsServices $23583AC9 GSEventRunModal + 160
UIKit $26667189 UIApplicationMain + 144
MyApp $003CBF15 Iosapi.Uikit.UIApplicationMain(Integer, Byte**, Pointer, Pointer) + 8
MyApp $00676843 Fmx.Platform.Ios.TPlatformCocoaTouch.Run() + 70
MyApp $006767FB __stub_in92s__ZN3Fmx8Platform3Ios19TPlatformCocoaTouch3RunEv + 10
MyApp $0074628F Fmx.Forms.TApplication.Run() + 182
MyApp $00C2B893 main + 246

So with this report I know that I have something wrong in the function Fmx.Controls.TControl.PaintChildren() but the exception (Argument out of range) is too wide to know exactly with line and instruction is responsible of the problem. I m unable to reproduce this error in development as its appear only sometime in deployed device.

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    Wild guessing... argument out of range is thrown from System.Generics.Collections.TListHelper.CheckItemRange, so some list inside PaintChildren is being updated while iteratiing and no longer has item at requested index. This usually happens if you touch UI from background thread. – Dalija Prasnikar Jan 28 at 13:32
  • @DalijaPrasnikar thanks yes I was thinking the same, but I promise you I don't touch anything from background thread. Delphi do internally stuff like Screen.forms[0] without verifying if 0 is out of range but I m suspicious its this. Other option is that some event in Ios are "sometime" launched from background thread (Like begameactive for example) but I m also suspicious about it. So right noy my task is to know exactly with list cause the out of range – Stephane Jan 28 at 13:46
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    I agree with Dalija. I have had a similar Issues with controls disappearing while they were being updated/realigned. This happened because a control changed its parentID during the update, hence changed the list of controls. Lesson from this: Your list.Count changes during the iteration of the list. debug into the loop, and check the count each time you go through the loop. Don't put a breakpoint inside the loop, as recursion will probably mess things up. Memorize the iteration value count before the Count was changed. Next find out what changes the list and thus how to fix the bug.problem. – H.Hasenack Jan 28 at 21:54
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    @Stephane Since, your question is rather specific about how to find which line of code triggered exception I wrote some additional hints that might help you in a blog post dalijap.blogspot.com/2019/01/fixing-firemonkey-heisenbugs.html – Dalija Prasnikar Jan 31 at 22:19
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    loki = Stephane? If so please ask SO support to merge your accounts – Stefan Glienke Feb 5 at 11:59

The +62value in the log is the byte offset of the issue, therefore you can inspect the assembler and look at the offset of the method in the stack, presumably $0059D4B3 and look for the 222nd byte, you should be able to backtrack which operation caused the issue by running the debugger and breaking in that method: the assmebler shown should be sufficient to understand where in your code lies the issue.

Line numbers are difficult to be traced in unmanaged programs unless they are supported by the vendor out of the box. Have you tried madExcept?

We are currently using Eurekalog, but line numbers are not available for our projects. If I am not remembering wrong, madExcept had that feature.

  • Thanks Pier, but Eurekalog and madExcept work only for windows :( also When i have deployed the application, is their a way to localise the line without recompiling the source just because I need to run the debugger ? – Stephane Jan 28 at 13:40
  • I wasn't aware they are windows only tools. However, the answer is "maybe": if you recompile the project with the very same options you might get the same assembly code. I say might as EMB new compilers are not determistic, therefore every build is different (except digital signature of course). You can try, however, if your method is not so complex, you could also start doing some static analysis in order to locate the offending list. Finally, when the issue occurs at customer site only, place additional exception handling targeting more precise locations. – Pier Jan 28 at 13:57

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