I want to pass some PHP variables using the URL.

I tried the following code:


echo '<a href="pass.php?link=$a">Link 1</a>';
echo '<br/>';
echo '<a href="pass.php?link=$b">Link 2</a>';

if ($_GET['link']==$a)
echo "Link 1 Clicked";
} else {
echo "Link 2 Clicked";

Upon clicking the links Link1 and Link2, I get "Link 2 clicked". Why?

  • look at the url on the pass.php page, notice anything??
    – user557846
    Mar 26, 2011 at 3:33
  • yes the variables were missing(not displayed in url)....fixed the problem
    – chetan
    Mar 26, 2011 at 3:41
  • You can do it like this: ``` <a href="./gemsPack.php?uid=<?php echo $id; ?>&amount=1.99"> ``` Mar 14, 2022 at 7:11

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In your link.php your echo statement must be like this:

echo '<a href="pass.php?link=' . $a . '>Link 1</a>';
echo '<a href="pass.php?link=' . $b . '">Link 2</a>';

Then in your pass.php you cannot use $a because it was not initialized with your intended string value.

You can directly compare it to a string like this:

if($_GET['link'] == 'Link1')

Another way is to initialize the variable first to the same thing you did with link.php. And, a much better way is to include the $a and $b variables in a single PHP file, then include that in all pages where you are going to use those variables as Tim Cooper mention on his post. You can also include this in a session.


You're passing link=$a and link=$b in the hrefs for A and B, respectively. They are treated as strings, not variables. The following should fix that for you:

echo '<a href="pass.php?link=' . $a . '">Link 1</a>';

// and

echo '<a href="pass.php?link=' . $b . '">Link 2</a>';

The value of $a also isn't included on pass.php. I would suggest making a common variable file and include it on all necessary pages.


I found this solution in "Super useful bits of PHP, Form and JavaScript code" at Skytopia.

Inside "page1.php" or "page1.html":

// Send the variables myNumber=1 and myFruit="orange" to the new PHP page...
<a href="page2c.php?myNumber=1&myFruit=orange">Send variables via URL!</a> 

    //or as I needed it.
    <a href='page2c.php?myNumber={$row[0]}&myFruit={$row[1]}'>Send variables</a>

Inside "page2c.php":

    // Retrieve the URL variables (using PHP).
    $num = $_GET['myNumber'];
    $fruit = $_GET['myFruit'];
    echo "Number: ".$num."  Fruit: ".$fruit;
  • 1
    you should consider to ad a reference
    – bummi
    Sep 5, 2013 at 0:13
  • could you explain how this works?? myNumber={$row[0]} i am unable to retrieve this value Apr 22, 2020 at 18:03
  • See "How to reference material written by others". Giving proper attribution to information borrowed from other sites is very important on SO. May 24, 2020 at 4:45

All the above answers are correct, but I noticed something very important. Leaving a space between the variable and the equal sign might result in a problem. For example, (?variablename =value)


Use this easy method

  echo "<a href=\"pass.php?link=$a\">Link 1</a>";
  echo '<br/>';
  echo "<a href=\"pass.php?link=$b\">Link 2</a>";

You can do this like this:

<a href="./gemsPack.php?uid=<?php echo $id; ?>&amount=1.99">


just put


in your pass.php and you will get your answer and do a double quotation in your link.php:

echo '<a href="pass.php?link=' . $a . '">Link 1</a>';

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