I just started using Expo for a project with SDK 32, and when initialized it depended on React 16.5.0.

I want to start using some new features like Hooks, so I upgraded the react version to 16.8.0-apha1.

However this broke the native app in a way that I don't understand.

Unable to resolve module schedule/tracking ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js: Module schedule/tracking does not exist in Haste module map.

I've tried a clean install of everything javascript (clearing caches incl Haste's) but that didn't help.

Is the Expo SDK tied to a specific React version?


Yes Expo always uses a specific React version, 16.5.0 in this case.

In their blog post about v32.0.0 they have a section about how to upgrade an app based on a previous SDK, in it they tell you to use a specific version of React.

  • react to "16.5.0" — (this exact version)

You can read about it here, look in the Upgrading Your App section for all the dependencies and versions tied to v32.0.0.

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