I would like to train a model, with a large list of features, these features are if a specific keyword appears on a page or not. The feature list is so large that I cannot label all of them like suggested in the ML.NET tutorial here.

public class IrisData
    public float SepalLength;

    public float SepalWidth;

    public float PetalLength;

    public float PetalWidth;

    public string Label;

I would instead like to be able to give it a list of unnamed features, much like you can do in sklearn with python simply giving it an array of features [[0,0,1],[0,1,0]] and an array of labels ["ShoppingSite", "SocialNetwork"].

  • Most of the sample code writes data into a DataTable and reads from a DataTable. You can crate a DataTable dynamically provided you know the variable types. So you can create a text file that contains the column names and types and then the data rows. – jdweng Jan 28 '19 at 15:55

Are all your features of the same type, booleans? If so you can load all the features into a single columns using TextLoader.Range(startIndex, EndIndex): https://github.com/dotnet/machinelearning/blob/master/docs/code/MlNetCookBook.md#how-do-i-load-data-with-many-columns-from-a-csv

var reader = mlContext.Data.CreateTextReader(new[] {
        // We read the first 10 values as a single float vector.
        new TextLoader.Column("FeatureVector", DataKind.R4, new[] {new TextLoader.Range(0, 10)}),
        // Separately, read the target variable.
        new TextLoader.Column("Target", DataKind.R4, 11)
    // Default separator is tab, but we need a comma.
    separatorChar: ',');

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