In my Vue component, I have a computed property which watches the state and the component, and returns an object.

        currentOrganization () {
            if (this.$store.state.organizations && this.selectedOrganization) {
                return this.$store.state.organizations.filter(org => org.id === this.selectedOrganization)[0];

Unfortunately, this property does not update automatically when the component loads, though I can see that I have both this.$store.state.organizations and this.selectedOrganization. It does, however, update when I dispatch an action to my Vuex store via the select component below:

                <b-form-select id="orgSelect"
                               :options="this.$store.state.organizations.map(org => {return {value: org.id, text:org.name}})"
                               class="w-75 mb-3">
                    <template slot="first">
                        <option :value="null" disabled>Change Organization</option>

The component dispatches a Vuex action:

            currentOrganizationChange () {
                this.$store.dispatch('setCurrentOrganization', this.selectedOrganization);

How can I make currentOrganization() compute initially?


The computed will not calculate untill you use it.

console.log it, or just write currentOrganization; somewhere in code which executes and it will calculate :)

  • Well, that's dumb. I mean, from Vue's perspective. Thanks! – Boris K Jan 28 at 20:13
  • why "best answer" was removed? :'( – gleam Jan 29 at 8:29
  • Because it turns out that the issue was more complicated. typeof this.selectedOrganization turns out to be "string." On the first run, currentOrganization() returns null, since nothing meets the filter conditions. On subsequent runs, it seems to coerce this.selectedOrganization to an integer, and returns results. – Boris K Jan 29 at 8:34
  • could you make fiddle? – gleam Jan 29 at 8:40
  • it is possible that b-form-select emits initial null-value that breaks selectedOrganization. Could you try an ordinary <select> instead? – gleam Jan 29 at 8:50

You should ensure that your computed always returns a value. A linter would have warned you of that error. Chances are your condition is failing -- perhaps this.selectedOrganization is falsy.

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