I'm debugging a web app, and I see a POST operation I'm interested in. It's a post with Content-Type multipart/form-data, which according to the headers has Content-Length 875. This is (Chrome 71.0.3578.98)

But chrome is not displaying any Request-Payload. See the images below.

Other posts with different Content-Type, e.g. text/xml do display the Request-Payload as a section.

(1) Is the Request-Payload not displayed BECAUSE this is multipart/form-data and would sometimes be large files (it's not, only 875 bytes).

(2) Is there any way to see the Request Payload in this case?

Request Headers 

POST Request Headers

Collapsed headers, showing no Request Payload

POst request

  • I have the same issue on ubuntu using chrome. Firefox does show it under Params. – user249806 Sep 8 at 22:04

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