I'm beginner in Delphi programing. I use a thread to communicate with my server and I want to pass a Tevent to my thread at creation time and use it to signal a task on this thread from main thread and finally on thread clear the event. This event set in main thread to signal the task on my net thread and finally clear after task completed in the net thread. I use this line to create thread on run time. All work fine but after adding event to my code rise a problem.

Net_thread:= TNetThread.Create(user, password, TheCallback, Tevent);

TNetThread is my thread class on other unit and Net_thread is my net thread. TheCallback is a procedure for change UI from thread. Declare this type in TNetThread. user, password are login data collected in GUI. Tevent is a handle to my event created in main thread and pass it to Net_thread.

Before I add event to my code I only pass 2 string and a procedure to thread and I have no problem. ...Create(user, password, TheCallback); after add event to my code and pass it as THandle to my thread can not use it. Its like a Cardinal variable and when I try to check its state with this code:


I have an error e2076. FEvent set on constructor TNetThread.Create and equal to Tevent received from main thread.

Please give me a simple example?

This is my minimal code: on main form:

procedure TMainform.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  T_event: THandle;
    T_event: := CreateEvent(nil, True, False, nil);
    Net_thread:= TNetThread.Create(user, password, TheCallback, T_event);

procedure TMainform.TheCallback(const st,h : String);
    //recive data from net thread

on event in main thread SetEvent(T_event);

And on other unit

  TMyCallback = procedure(const st, h : String) of object;

  TNetThread = class(TThread)
    IdTCPClient1: TIdTCPClient;
    FCallback : TMyCallback;
    FEvent: THandle;
    procedure execute; override;
    procedure SendLog(st, h: string);
    constructor Create(user_n, psw: string ;aCallback : TMyCallback ; const AEvent: THandle);

constructor TNetThread.Create(user_n, psw: string ;aCallback: TMyCallback; const AEvent: THandle);
  inherited Create(false);
  FCallback := aCallback;
  FEvent := AEvent;
  user_name := user_n;
  password:= psw;
  FreeOnTerminate := true;

procedure TNetThread.SendLog(st ,h: string);
  if not Assigned(FCallback) then
  Self.Queue(  // Executed later in the main thread
      FCallback(st, h);

procedure TNetThread.Execute;
    if (System.SyncObjs.TEvent.WaitFor(FEvent) = wrSignaled) then...
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    "...my code rise a problem." This is not useful information for us. Please explain the problem you are having in enough detail for us to understand, and with enough relevant code for us to reproduce your issue. – Jerry Dodge Jan 28 at 20:37
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    Please strip down your code to a minimal complete example. We can't guess what is wrong. – LU RD Jan 28 at 21:41
  • When using multithreading in delphi, a good starting point is the documentation of the parallel library, What has been very helpful to me is the Omnithread library (free, open source ,very well documented including many samples and very mature) omnithreadlibrary.com/documentation/#articles – H.Hasenack Jan 28 at 21:46
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    Your thread is expecting a Win32 event handle, but you are trying to pass that to TEvent.WaitFor(), which requires a SyncObjs.TEvent object instead. Its single input parameter is a timeout, not an event handle. So, you need to either 1) create an object of the TEvent class instead of using the Win32 CreateEvent() directly, or 2) use the Win32 WaitForSingleObject() function instead of TEvent.WaitFor(). – Remy Lebeau Jan 28 at 22:38
  • I agree with @RemyLebeau. And if you want to trigger an event from outside of the thread, it cannot be declared as a local variable in the FormCreate method. – LU RD Jan 28 at 22:58

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