I have a .net client that connects and works fine for a while and then disconnects and fails to reconnect because of a Invalid Selector error. there is no selector being passed so I don't know what the issue is.

Log below

2019-01-28T19:47:56.8258311Z SolaceConsumer FlowEvent ParentSessionDown Session for Flow disconnected 2019-01-28T19:47:56.8264139Z SolaceConsumer SessionEvent Reconnecting solClientOS.c:5745 (7f50727bb700) Peer closed socket, fd 92, cannot read 2019-01-28T19:47:57.1187156Z SolaceConsumer SessionEvent Reconnected host 'serverSolace:55003', hostname 'serverSolace:55003' IP 54.245 (host 1 of 1) (host connection attempt 1 of 1) (total reconnection attempt 1 of -1) 2019-01-28T19:47:57.1204652Z SolaceConsumer solClientFlow.c:4286 (7f50727bb700) Selector Invalid: exceeds 1023 bytes 2019-01-28T19:47:57.1205778Z SolaceConsumer FlowEvent BindFailedError Selector Invalid: exceeds 1023 bytes

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