I am trying to create a chat history like this

enter image description here

Tried with ListView and CustomerScrollView both force the child to take the full horizontal width.

Also tried to nest a fixed size container inside a ListView Child, still display as full length.

How can I achieve this?

Code - where Child Container is a fixed size but forced to take up the whole width of screen.

child: ListView(
          shrinkWrap: true,
          children: <Widget>[
              color: Colors.red,
              width: 20,
              height: 40,

Try adding a padding or margin to your container:

  padding: EdgeInsets.only(right: 10),
  // OR
  margin: EdgeInsets.only(right: 10),

Use EdgeInsets.only(left: 10) for the opposite.

  • Margin works like a charm! thank you for the fast respond. – Panda Power Jan 29 at 0:43

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