I'm trying to add some indicators into a matrix to show an increase or decrease from the previous year

This is my design view

enter image description here

And this is how it's viewed in the report

enter image description here

I would obviously like my up and down arrows to appear in the currently empty columns. Also I'm wondering if there is a way of deleting the first empty column after 2014/15 as there is no year to compare it to.


SSRS supports a function called Previous, which will be useful in your scenario. Assuming that the name of your column group is "Fiscal", the difference of two years can be calculated as

=Count(Fields!IDNUMBER.Value) - Previous(Count(Fields!IDNUMBER.Value), "Fiscal")

Because you can't know the range of the numbers in advance, I suggest to use a "numeric" expression like

=Sign(Count(Fields!IDNUMBER.Value) - Previous(Count(Fields!IDNUMBER.Value), "Fiscal"))

for the indicator, so the ranges can be defined by single values -1, 0 and 1:

Indicator Properties

To hide the first indicator column, right-click the column header in design view and click Column Visibility..., then in the cnfiguration dialog specify to hide based on an expression like

=IsNothing(Previous(Fields!Fiscal.Value, "Fiscal"))

Here's a screenshot of my design view:

Design view

  • Thanks Wolfgang, this is great, feel I'm nearly there now just confused how to set my indicator values – Clem_Fandango Jan 30 at 16:04
  • Should note on the image above the 'state measure unit' for some reason defaulted to an expression, I have changed this to numeric and the indicator values still the same as in the picture but not working – Clem_Fandango Jan 30 at 16:13
  • Just added a screenshot. The expression for the "Value" property is the one with the Sign function from above. – Wolfgang Kais Jan 30 at 16:21
  • Please make sure that you select "Numeric" as the States Measurement Unit. – Wolfgang Kais Jan 30 at 16:35
  • Yes sorry, I have got this working now, can't thank you enough, excellent. – Clem_Fandango Jan 30 at 16:37

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