I want to have a script execute on the cluster nodes to set them up for further scripts and, to avoid script concurrency issues, use the flock to synchronise them. The problem is that the script works like a charm in a normal bash while it fails with a syntax error under SGE.

The script


    echo scrip already running - lockfile: $LF
    sleep 60

flock -xn 99 || busy
    echo setup command 1
    echo setup command 2
) 99>$LF

And the error message

/var/spool/gridengine/execd/sge1/job_scripts/28: 15: /var/spool/gridengine/execd/sge1/job_scripts/28: Syntax error: word unexpected

I already tried to use the -S flag to qsub to ensure the bash shell is used to execute the job but the error remains while running on command line echoes the expected lines.

gridengine-master version 6.2u5-7.4

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