I am using WordPress shortcodes to display custom posts. each shortcode contains the same HTML and classes only the data changes.

I am using Isotope load more pagination. here's my javascript

 function initIsotope($) {
    $container = $('.social-posts-grid').isotope({
        itemSelector: '.social-post',
        percentPosition: true,
        masonry: {
            columnWidth: '.grid-sizer',
            gutter: 20,
            horizontalOrder: true

    $(".iso-filter a").click(function() {
        $(this).data('clicked', true);
        var filterValue = $(this).attr('data-filter');
            filter: filterValue

    // Isotope Load more button
    var initShow = script_vars.page_slug === 'social-page' ? 3 : 10; //number of items loaded on init & onclick load more button
    var counter = initShow; //counter for load more button
    var iso = $container.data('isotope'); // get Isotope instance
    loadMore(initShow); //execute function onload

    function loadMore(toShow) {

        var hiddenElems = iso.filteredItems.slice(toShow, iso.filteredItems.length).map(function(item) {
            return item.element;

        //when no more to load, hide show more button
        if (hiddenElems.length == 0) {
        } else {


    //append load more button
    $container.after('<button id="load-more" class="social-load-more"> Load More</button>');

    //when load more button clicked
    $("#load-more").click(function() {
        if ($('#filters').data('clicked')) {
            //when filter button clicked, set initial value for counter
            counter = initShow;
            $('#filters').data('clicked', false);
        } else {
            counter = counter;

        counter = counter + initShow;



The load more button only works with the first element. Nothing happens on second element

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