I have written a simple js file which calls a graphql query testFunction. I have a requirement to run it from the browser but since the js file has the require() module, i am trying to browserify the js file and use the browserified file in the script tag of my html page. The non browserified file is giving me expected results whereas the browserified file is throwing me the error

module.exports = self.fetch.bind(self);

ReferenceError: self is not defined

fetch.js file

var fetch=require('isomorphic-fetch').fetch;

const { createApolloFetch } = require('apollo-fetch');
const fetchQL = createApolloFetch({
uri: 'http://localhost:4000/graphql',

query: '{testFunction}',
}).then(res => {


type myQuery {
    testFunction: String!


        return "returned from custom test function";

When i run the fetch.js file using the command node fetch.js i get the expected output as returned from custom test function

After i browserify the fetch.js file with the command browserify fetch.js -o bundle.js and run the bundle.js file, i get the self not defined error

Please help me in understanding where i am going wrong and how i can rectify the issue.

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