I am trying to run a logistic regression using glm(). My 'units variable is continuous and is dependent on "promo" & "holiday" which are discrete (either on promo or not, and either its a holiday or its not). But my formula keeps telling me Y must be between 0-1.

I want to know how many units will be sold if an item is on/is not on promo, is/is not a holiday at a certain price.

I've done a logistic regression but it doesn't fit my data set as well.

units <- data$TotalUnits

price <- data$Price holiday <- data$Holiday promo <- data$RXBARsingles testmodel <- glm(units ~ price + promo, data = data, family = binomial) Error in eval(family$initialize) : y values must be 0 <= y <= 1

I was expecting this formula to be successful to hopefully obtain the coefficients of each variable from the summary of "testmodel".

enter image description here

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