I am using Nutch 1.4 local on iOS, to crawl a website and nutch readseg dump does not return any relevant information. What am I missing?
I am trying to extract 'category' as new metadata from url. I am using replace to extract substring from the url. I am able to run the code and index the documents in Google Cloud Search. But it is not capturing the category.
To debug this end to end I like to verify that the correct value is extracted by nutch in category metadata. I verified that regex is correct with a regex tester. I want to log metadata
values - url, category in the log or stdout. I so not see any pertinent information in hadoop.log even in DEBUG.

$bin/nutch readseg -dump TestCrawl/segments/* segmentAllContent  
SegmentReader: dump segment: TestCrawl/segments/20190128171825 
SegmentReader: done 

logs/hadoop.log -  
2019-01-29 11:40:02,275 INFO  segment.SegmentReader - 
dump segment: TestCrawl/segments/20190128171825 . 
2019-01-29 11:40:02,463 WARN  util.NativeCodeLoader - Unable to 
native-hadoop library for your platform... using builtin-java 
classes where applicable.  




 <description> test </description

The readseg -dump command only writes everything contained in the segment as plain text to the output directory segmentAllContent. It does not run the indexer and consequently does not call the plugin index-replace. You may use the command bin/nutch indexchecker to check whether the plugin is configured properly.

Please note that the plugin index-replace is not available in Nutch 1.4, it has been added with Nutch 1.11.

Example how to use the indexchecker to check the index-replace plugin:

% bin/nutch indexchecker \
   -Dplugin.includes='protocol-okhttp|parse-html|index-(basic|replace|static)' \
   -Dindexingfilter.order='org.apache.nutch.indexer.basic.BasicIndexingFilter org.apache.nutch.indexer.staticfield.StaticFieldIndexer org.apache.nutch.indexer.replace.ReplaceIndexer' \
   -Dindex.static='category:unknown' \
   -Dindex.replace.regexp=$'hostmatch=localhost\ncategory=/.+/intranet/' \
host :  localhost
id :    http://localhost/
title : Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page: It works
category :      intranet
url :   http://localhost/
  • the plugin index-static is configured to add a field "category" with value "unknown"
  • the plugin index-replace changes the value to "intranet" if the hostname is "localhost" (the $'...' notation is expands \n)
  • my bad - the nutch version is 1.14 that I am running. The indexer is ok since i am seeing data on the data source on the other end. Whats the best way to dump the data before it is forwarded to the data source? – shradha Jan 30 at 15:21
  • Use the bin/nutch indexchecker, like Sebastian suggested. – Jorge Luis Jan 30 at 20:06
  • Thanks Jorge! I got the metadata list & have url : perficient.com/industries/automotive but i do not see the category? Why is it not extracted? – shradha Jan 30 at 20:57
  • indexchecker doesn't show category in the metadata. What else can I check? I have parse-metatags and index-metadata in plougin as well as nutch-site.xml – shradha Jan 31 at 22:39
  • If it is not shown it hasn't been added. Which plugin adds the field "category"? – Sebastian Nagel Feb 1 at 7:45

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