I am trying to code a login function for my api that takes a username and password then give you a password grant token to make api requests. The login route when called gives you

    "message": "Unauthenticated."

I am using passport on laravel to do secure the api. Why am I getting a 401 when the route does not have the auth:api middleware? I tried using a clousure to see if I get could get a response and the closure did not give me an error.

Route::group(['prefix' => '/v1', 'middleware' => ['auth:api'], 'namespace' => 'Api\V1', 'as' => 'api.'], function () {

Route::group(['prefix' => '/v1', 'namespace' => 'Api\V1', 'as' => 'api.'], function () {
        Route::post('login', 'Auth\LoginController@login');

Does your login controller have a constructor? sometimes middleware is set in there?

Otherwise I've also had issues with having the middleware routes above the public ones.

Try putting the public routes in the file first and also checking the LoginController.php for a constructor which might be setting a middleware

  • It does not have a constructor – John Dek Jan 29 at 23:54
  • Have you tried swapping the routes around? putting public ones first. – Michael Mano Jan 30 at 0:13
  • yes I still get the same error – John Dek Jan 30 at 0:28

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