I'm using laravel valet to serve sites in my local dev env, which is great. However, there's only one file in the expected location of ~/.valet/Log:

➜ ls ~/.valet/Log 

I've tinkered with php-fpm log settings and the nginx log settings, but I'm not sure that I'm even using the right config files, since I suspect that valet installs its own version of PHP and nginx.

Can any one tell me where the php / nginx config files for valet would be found, and what specific settings to change to drop the PHP error / log files where they're supposed to be written?

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Hopefully this helps with your question about the nginx config files. You can find the nginx configuration for your sites by running cd ~/.config/valet/Nginx in your terminal. To get to the base nginx config for valet use cd /usr/local/etc/nginx/valet. You should then see valet.conf, inside you can update the following lines to put the log files where you want them.

access_log "/Users/[user_id]/.config/valet/Log/access.log";
error_log "/Users/[user_id]/.config/valet/Log/nginx-error.log";

Make sure to run valet restart after you make changes to the valet.conf file.


The NGINX configuration file should be available at /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf

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