I am using AVAssetWriter to write video frames from ARSession using delegate.

func session(_ session: ARSession, didUpdate frame: ARFrame)

See below the code used to write images.

How can I set custom frame rate like 24, 30 or 60 etc as per our needs.

In output settings the value given for AVVideoExpectedSourceFrameRateKey is 30. But what ever value we given for it, Always getting 'Frame Rate' as 60 when check with VLC player -> media information -> Codec Details

What changes should I make to set desired frame rate? Thanks in Advance.

func writeImage(_ image: CVPixelBuffer, thisTimestamp: TimeInterval) {

        guard let videoDirector = videoWriter else { return }

        serialQueue.async(execute: {

            let scale = CMTimeScale(NSEC_PER_SEC)

            if (!self.seenTimestamps.contains(thisTimestamp)) {

                let pts = CMTime(value: CMTimeValue((thisTimestamp) * Double(scale)),
                                 timescale: scale)
                var timingInfo = CMSampleTimingInfo(duration: kCMTimeInvalid,
                                                    presentationTimeStamp: pts,
                                                    decodeTimeStamp: kCMTimeInvalid)

                var vidInfo:CMVideoFormatDescription! = nil
                CMVideoFormatDescriptionCreateForImageBuffer(kCFAllocatorDefault, image, &vidInfo)

                var sampleBuffer:CMSampleBuffer! = nil
                CMSampleBufferCreateForImageBuffer(kCFAllocatorDefault, image, true, nil, nil, vidInfo, &timingInfo, &sampleBuffer)

                let imageBuffer: CVPixelBuffer = CMSampleBufferGetImageBuffer(sampleBuffer)!

                if self.videoWriterInput == nil {

                    let width = CVPixelBufferGetWidth(imageBuffer)
                    let height = CVPixelBufferGetHeight(imageBuffer)

                    let numPixels: Double = Double(width * height);
                    let bitsPerPixel = 11.4;
                    let bitsPerSecond = Int(numPixels * bitsPerPixel)

                    // add video input
                    let outputSettings: [String: Any] = [
                        AVVideoCodecKey : AVVideoCodecType.h264,
                        AVVideoWidthKey : width,
                        AVVideoHeightKey : height,
                        AVVideoCompressionPropertiesKey : [
                            AVVideoExpectedSourceFrameRateKey: 30,
                            AVVideoAverageBitRateKey : bitsPerSecond,
                            AVVideoMaxKeyFrameIntervalKey : 1
                    self.videoWriterInput = AVAssetWriterInput(mediaType: AVMediaType.video, outputSettings: outputSettings)
                    self.videoWriterInput?.expectsMediaDataInRealTime = true
                    guard let input = self.videoWriterInput else { return }

                    if videoDirector.canAdd(input) {

                let writable = self.canWrite()
                if writable, self.sessionAtSourceTime == nil {
                    let timeStamp = CMSampleBufferGetPresentationTimeStamp(sampleBuffer)
                    self.sessionAtSourceTime = timeStamp
                    videoDirector.startSession(atSourceTime: timeStamp)

                if self.videoWriterInput?.isReadyForMoreMediaData == true {
                    let appendResult = self.videoWriterInput?.append(sampleBuffer)
                    if appendResult == false {
                        printDebug("writer status: \(videoDirector.status.rawValue)")
                        printDebug("writer error: \(videoDirector.error.debugDescription)")
    func canWrite() -> Bool {
        return isRecording && videoWriter?.status == .writing
  • The documentation for AVVideoExpectedSourceFrameRateKey says 'This is not used to control the frame rate; it is provided as a hint to the video encoder'. Perhaps the CMSampleTimingInfo.duration needs to be set to the desired frame rate? – Jonathan Feb 23 at 0:28

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