I am using Gridlastic free account (https://www.gridlastic.com/) that allows 5 parallel selenium testing nodes on their Selenium Grid.

I have successfully start one node (one session) using RSelenium package:


extraCapabilities <- list(
  video = "True",
  platformName = "windows"
ip <- usernam:passs@number.gridlastic.com"
driver <- remoteDriver$new(
  remoteServerAddr = ip,
  port = 80L,
  browserName = 'firefox',
  version = "37",
  platform = "VISTA",
  extraCapabilities = extraCapabilities

video <- paste0(
  "VIDEO: ",

It works. But I don't understand how can I run 5 different sessions in parallel? They say I can run 200 different sessions in parallel (their Performance plan allow this) no meter how many cores I have on my local machine.

They have example for Python, for 2 parallel tests here: https://www.gridlastic.com/python-code-example.html But I don't even understand how would I do that in Python. Would it work if I just call:

py.test -n 200 --rerun 2 test_unittest.py

in Multiple Python tests in parallel part of their script. I suppose I should use some test packagein R like testthat, but not sure would that allow me to run 200 nodes n their grid in parallel?

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