I would appreciate some help to optimize current request. I was trying many ways do it better outside of retrofit framework. I guess you somehow can make it easier purely based on retrofit but Idk how.

In postman application/json request looks like:

    "anket": {
        "privacy": {
            "show_profile": {
                "type": "all",
                "sub_request": false

As I know form-data doesn't seem to work if you adress fields "type" and "sub_request"... Probably that's the same case why @Field or @FieldMap doesn't work in retrofit either (or I do something wrong ofc).

Current realization:


Call<Privacy> changeProfilePrivacy(@Query("token") String token,
                                   @Body JsonObject object);


public String type;
public Boolean subRequest;
private String tokenId = token;

public String getType() {
     return type;

public Boolean getSubRequest() {
     return subRequest;

 public Privacy privacyProfile(String type, Boolean subRequest) {
     JsonObject request = new JsonObject();
     JsonObject anket = new JsonObject();
     JsonObject privacy = new JsonObject();
     JsonObject showProfile = new JsonObject();

     showProfile.addProperty("type", type);
     showProfile.addProperty("sub_request", subRequest);
     privacy.add("show_profile", showProfile);
     anketa.add("privacy", privacy);
     request.add("anket", anket);

     Call<Privacy> call = apiRequest.changeProfilePrivacy(tokenId, request);


     return this;

JsonObjects has some repetative parts like there's many other similiar request instances.

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