I'm getting so many errors trying to create non-english AoG projects with Dialogflow.

The error is:

Failed to upload action package to AOG (preview)
Request contains an invalid argument.
Locale pt-br was selected but the language pt-BR has not been selected.

I did this steps in Dialogflow:

  1. Clicked at create new agent
  2. Set default language to Portuguese(brazilian) - pt-br
  3. Clicked at create button
  4. After working progress, I did this path Integration -> Google Assistant -> Test
  5. The AoG page did not open and I got the error above.

Does someone know how to fix this issues?


Did you have an existing Actions on Google project with the same language?

I usually create the AoG project first (when creating non-English Actions) and then I create the Dialogflow agent by going under Actions -> Build -> Custom. When you select the same language in Dialogflow, and click create it should work.

  • Hi, yes I did and all my non-english projects stopped working last week with this bug. I'll try your approach, thank you. – Pedro Muniz Jan 31 '19 at 11:23
  • Let me know how it goes please. I'll try to reproduce the bug to understand what goes wrong when I get the chance. – Yüksel Tolun Jan 31 '19 at 11:26
  • Did not work. I sent an email to Google Support and they said it's a known bug and they forward to Engineering Team to conduct further investigation. I'll let you know if something change. Thank you. – Pedro Muniz Jan 31 '19 at 13:36
  • Thanks for taking the time to inform me. – Yüksel Tolun Jan 31 '19 at 13:39
  • 1
    There is a issue opened about this on Google: issuetracker.google.com/issues/123347859. You can to star it for updates. I'm waiting for the resolution of this problem too. – Cassio Farias Machado Jan 31 '19 at 17:24

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