I would like to know how to use a YESNOCANCEL MessageBox in conjunction with IF logic from LogicLib.nsh in NSIS installer scripting to avoid having to use labels and gotos.

Is there any way to capture the result of a MessageBox in a variable of some kind?

Also, I know there are better things than NSIS out there, but using something else isn't a possibility at this point. =(

Note the {WHAT GOES HERE??} in the below code. If this was just an If...Else... it would work fine.

Thanks for the help

"PROGRAM X is already installed. Click YES to remove the installed version 
 found in C:\Program Files(x86). Click NO to skip uninstall and choose a 
 different install location (not recommended) or CANCEL to terminate
  the installer." IDYES`

    MessageBox MB_OK "Yes was clicked"
${ElseIf} {WHAT GOES HERE??}
    MessageBox MB_OK "No was clicked"
    MessageBox MB_OK "Cancel was clicked"

Update: I also found this example, but I am not sure what ${||} does or how it might help me.

  ; ifcmd..||..| and if/unless cmd
  StrCpy $R2 ""
  ${IfCmd} MessageBox MB_YESNO "Please click Yes" IDYES ${||} StrCpy $R2 $R2A ${|}
  ${Unless} ${Cmd} `MessageBox MB_YESNO|MB_DEFBUTTON2 "Please click No" IDYES`
    StrCpy $R2 $R2B
  ${If} $R2 == "AB"
    DetailPrint "PASSED IfCmd/If Cmd test"
    DetailPrint "FAILED IfCmd/If Cmd test"
  • +1 Good Question. Btw, Do you know how to normally use a label with the MessageBox? You know thats possible right, and it maybe your only option? – gideon Mar 26 '11 at 19:45
  • Yup! That is what I am trying to avoid if at all possible. – Brandon Mar 26 '11 at 19:51
  • you can just edit/update your question. Delete your comment, click edit on your question and add your code in there. – gideon Mar 26 '11 at 19:53
  • there are a few NSIS folks here, You might get an answer hopefully in sometime =P – gideon Mar 26 '11 at 20:01
  • @giddy Excellent, I am crossing my fingers. – Brandon Mar 26 '11 at 20:08

A line ending in ${|} indicates a if block that executes a single instruction if the condition is true:

${IfThen} $Instdir == $Temp ${|} MessageBox mb_ok "$$InstDir equals $$Temp" ${|}

This is just shorthand syntax for:

${If} $Instdir == $Temp 
    MessageBox mb_ok "$$InstDir equals $$Temp" 

The IfCmd macro uses ${IfThen} ${Cmd} internally and ${||} is a hack to end the string quote started by IfCmd, so:

${IfCmd} MessageBox MB_YESNO "click yes" IDYES ${||} MessageBox mb_ok choice=IDYES ${|}

is shorthand for:

${If} ${Cmd} 'MessageBox MB_YESNO "yes" IDYES' ;notice the quotes here
    MessageBox mb_ok choice=IDYES

You can even mix ifthen and labels, but this is ugly IMHO:

StrCpy $0 "Cancel"
${IfCmd} MessageBox MB_YESNOCANCEL "Mr. Powers?" IDYES yes IDNO ${||} StrCpy $0 "NO?!" ${|}
MessageBox mb_iconstop $0 ;Cancel or NO
goto end
MessageBox mb_ok "Yeah baby yeah!"

(It is better to just use labels with MessageBox for YESNOCANCEL and ABORTRETRYIGNORE, for YESNO, OKCANCEL etc. that execute different code for both choices, use the ${If} ${Cmd} 'MessageBox ..' .. ${Else} .. ${EndIf} syntax)

  • ... and no, you cannot capture the result in a variable, but you could write a !macro wrapper for MessageBox that does this for you... – Anders Mar 27 '11 at 2:28
  • Excellent information! Thanks Anders! – Brandon Mar 27 '11 at 3:00

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