I made a service in my React Native Expo Snack app that handles the instantiation of different firebase services. Somehow, Snack isn't able to find firestore, as it says "_firebase.default.firestore is not a function". The code used is shows below:

import firebase, { firestore } from 'firebase';

const config = { ... // Deleted, assume the config is correct }

export const FirebaseApp = !firebase.apps.length ? firebase.initializeApp(config) : firebase.app();

export const Firestore = firebase.firestore();

export const Auth = firebase.auth();

Can somebody confirm this should work in Snack? Why doesn't it recognize firestore() as a function?

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    Which version of firebase library are you using? Some tutorials might be outdated since they changed how you import difference services a while ago. Please refer to library docs for more info. – bennygenel Jan 31 '19 at 4:34
  • Thanks for replying. I'm using firebase 5.8.1. – Jaap Weijland Jan 31 '19 at 9:52

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