In my Crashlytics report, I can’t find any class file. From the stack trace, I see that when I invoke disconnect the app will crash. This bug is very hard to reproduce, in fact, I cannot invoke it, but I see errors in Crashlytics. How to fix this kind of errors and how to reproduce this?

Crash NO 1:

Fatal Exception: NSInvalidArgumentException 0 CoreFoundation
0x1fb907f50 __exceptionPreprocess 1 libobjc.A.dylib
0x1fab04284 objc_exception_throw 2 CoreFoundation
0x1fb80a25c -[NSCache init] 3 UIKitCore
0x228f5a784 (Missing) 4 UIKitCore 0x228f5b360 (Missing) 5 UIKitCore 0x228f5e598 (Missing) 6 UIKitCore 0x2291c1c88 (Missing) 7 UIKitCore
0x2291ca584 (Missing) 8 UIKitCore 0x2291c7d64 (Missing) 9 UIKitCore 0x2291c71e4 (Missing) 10 UIKitCore 0x2291ba1b8 (Missing)

Crash NO 2:

Crashed: com.apple.main-thread 0 ID-Pal
0x100deda14 $S6ID_Pal20ViewControllerC14passportActionyyypF (ViewController.swift:135) 1 ID-Pal
0x100defafc $S6ID_Pal20PhotosViewControllerC12cameraactionyyypFToTm + 4298029820

In this ViewController of line 135 :

    self.navigationController?.setNavigationBarHidden(true, animated: false)

Is this really cause the error?

  • yes dahiya. It has a navigationController. this crash not occurred every time. – Harikarthick K Jan 31 at 7:02
  • wrap the navigation controller and check once – Anbu.Karthik Jan 31 at 7:17
  • ok, I will try. Do you have any idea about crash no 1:? – Harikarthick K Jan 31 at 7:26

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