I have an Angular PWA. Its service worker was working flawlessly until I upgraded from Angular 5.0 to 7.2

After the upgrade, I see the following error in /ngsw/state

Driver state: SAFE_MODE (Initialization failed due to error: Invariant violated (initialize): latest hash null has no known manifest initialize/<@https://{{domain}}.com/ngsw-worker.js:2227:27 fulfilled@https://{{domain}}.com/ngsw-worker.js:1772:52 ) Latest manifest hash: none Last update check: never

App background

  • Angular version is 7.2.0
  • Service worker version is 7.2.0
  • I am manually checking for updates using SwUpdate service.

Code to check for updates if (this.updates.isEnabled) { const appIsStable$ = this.appRef.isStable.pipe(first(isStable => isStable === true)); const every21600Ms$ = interval(6 * 60 * 60); const every21600MsOnceAppIsStable$ = concat(appIsStable$, every21600Ms$); // poll the service worker to check for updates every21600MsOnceAppIsStable$.subscribe(() => this.updates.checkForUpdate() ); }

My research and troubleshooting steps so far:

In Chrome

  • Service worker is registered without any error
  • I looked into the network tab and found service worker never downloads 'ngsw.json'. I have seen 'ngsw.json' being downloaded when the app was in Angular 5.0


  • I see the same issue has been reported here. I don't see any proper solution here.
  • I have tried selecting 'Update on reload' which fixes the problem temporarily. Same error shows up again after I unselect it.


In Microsoft edge

  • Surprisingly, everything works in edge after the upgrade.

My thoughts and expectations

  • Since the application is working fine in MS edge, I doubt that there is anything wrong with service worker config or with the way I poll for updates
  • My expectation is to see Drive state as Normal in /ngsw/state
  • If it could help, there is an open issue on angular/angular about this problem. – The224 Feb 19 at 14:30
  • Thanks for your response! I have seen this link earlier. The issue is still open :( – shobhit vaish Feb 19 at 16:55

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