Regular expression - need to split the word using preg_split

----------------------- Page 1-----------------------
text of page 1

----------------------- Page 2-----------------------
text of page 2

----------------------- Page 3-----------------------
 text of page 3

I need to explode each page text into an array.

array( [0]=> "text of page 1", [1] => "text of page 2",[2]=>"text of page 3")

I used the following regex

((7[-])(page)( )[1-100](7[-]))

You can do something like this, assuming that there will always be one space before P and after e, and that there is no space between the number and the -s.

\s*-+ Page \d+-+\n
  • \s* matches the trailing whitespace from the previous page.
  • -+ Page \d+-+ matches the --------- Page x----------- line
  • \n so that each split has no leading new lines.

Note that the first element of the split array will be an empty string or whitespace, and can be discarded.


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