In the Phaser 3 docs I can see that the biggest difference between Sprite and Image is that you cannot animate or add a physics body to an Image, but in Image properties you can see an animationManager. I'm a little confused about this. Can anyone clarify this?

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Actually, according to the official docs Phaser.GameObjects.Image does not have a AnimationManager property.

Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite on the other hand does have an anims that can access animations, but doesn't include a direct property of type AnimationManager. Both can be confirmed by using the TypeScript defintions.

This is because AnimationManager is global, and handles all animations. In Phaser 2 all objects would handle their own animations. See for example Phaser 2 CE's Phaser.Image docs.

So just as the documentation says, Image is effectively a static, lighter-weight, Sprite.

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