So, as the question says, I was wondering if it was possible with R, to print in a document the result of your code. In other words, the result of sourcing my script that gets printed into the console of RStudio, I'd like to have it in a document. Is this possible? Any idea as how to do it? Thanks!

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    Check out R Markdown! You are about to be amazed :) Alternatively, simply click on File --> New File --> R Markdown in Rstudio, create the default document and then click on Knit to HTML. This will get you started – tifu Jan 31 at 11:32
  • @tifu Okay, I'm checking it and that is a whole new world for me, woah. Thanks! – Marc BF Jan 31 at 11:45
  • @tifu lol. That gave me a chuckle. – NelsonGon Jan 31 at 12:01

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