I am using firebase crashlytics. I am causing a crash by doing


and I am not seeing the crash report on the firebase dashboard. The crash is working because on android i get this screen enter image description here

and on ios the app freezes and i get brought to this page on xcode

enter image description here

But on the crashlytics dashboard on firebase the crashes are not showing up.

Is there any reason why the crashes are not showing up on crashlytics dashboard? I am using react-native-firebase. I know i installed it correctly because I tried causing the crashes natively on android with java and I am able to see the crash on crashlytics.

  • you need to wait a while before it shows in the dashboard, it's not realtime. usually 24~48 hours. – nika95 Jan 31 at 15:56
  • 1
    i have been at this for like a week. And when I cause the crash natively via java on android, the crash is showing up immediately. So i dont think thats the problem – Tenzin Choklang Jan 31 at 16:33

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