I'm converting from BundleConfig.cs in C# to use webpack.

I have the following section as part of a specific bundle:

.IncludeDirectory("~/Scripts/helpers/", "*.js")

Within this folder is a bunch of Knockout.js files like ko.datepicker, etc which amend the ko object. Since these modules aren't actually imported/required anywhere, webpack doesn't pick them up as part of it's normal bundle. How do you tell webpack to include all files within a given folder into the output file?


One way would be to include them at the entry like so, using the glob library:

const glob = require('glob')
const koHelpers = glob.sync('./Scripts/helpers/*.js')

module.exports = {
  entry: [

Of course the helpers will still rely on the ko object being available to them, which may require further considerations such as setting up an alias.

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