I hope you can help me.

I'm doing a SMS request to firebase on IONIC 3 with this method:

firebase.auth().signInWithPhoneNumber(number,appVerifier).then(confirmationResult => {
      // Code sent
    .catch(error => {
      // console.error("SMS not sent", error);

This is working but I have to do a reCAPTCHA thing...

It's so annoying, I know its purpose, but is for an Android/IOS app... reCAPTCHA is nonsense.

I can put it invisible with this code:

this.recaptchaVerifier = new firebase.auth.RecaptchaVerifier('sendButton', {
      'size': 'invisible',
      'callback': function(response) {

The initial box doesn't appear, but when I do the method call it keeps me asking to resolve it, I need firebase knowing that I'm not in a web browser to avoid reCAPTCHA, I tried with multiple plugins like: cordova-plugin-firebase

But I can't instantiate them... they show me an empty object {} as output

How can I avoid this reCAPTCHA thing?

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