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I need to sort a ComboBox on FMX receive a message error: "undeclared identifier"

var c: TComboBox;

c.sorted := true; //Error undeclared identifier

On VCL work fine.

thanks for help Giorgio

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Unfortunately, things aren't that simple in FMX since, as you've found, a TComboBox in FMX has no Sorted property.

Once you tune into FMX's wavelength there is a simple solution to this.

What you need to do is to call Sort on your ComboxBox and supply as its argument a TFmxObjectSortCompare function which sorts the Items as you wish. Obviously this is a lot more flexible than just setting a Sorted property to true, but is a bit more work. Fortunately, you can do it fairly easily by supplying the Compare function as an anonymous method:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  Compare: TFMXObjectSortCompare;
  Compare := function(Item1, Item2: TFmxObject): Integer
    if TListBoxItem(Item1).Text = TListBoxItem(Item2).Text then
      Result := 0
    if TListBoxItem(Item1).Text > TListBoxItem(Item2).Text then
      Result := 1
      Result := -1;


PS: I had no idea how to do this before I read your q and started reading around the subject.

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