This one has had me stumped for some time, and I might have made some mistakes to exacerbate the problem.  

My site started off as a single language site, without any translation modules installed.  Last year I began translating the content, using field translation, and right away I ran into some trouble.  Some googling led me down the path of updating the database language entries, from UND to EN.  So far so good.

I have now added two languages successfully, and they work exactly as expected.

However the EN (primary) language does not.  The nodes render correctly, but if I attempt to edit the node all of the fields are blank.

This means that to edit a field I need to copy it before editing it, so that I can paste it into the field.  It also means that I cannot delete the content from a field because when I do it treats the field as the form sees it... blank.  Upon saving it reverts to the original content.  

All of these changes survive a complete cache delete, and have been ongoing for over a year.

Only nodes created after the translation modules were enabled are functioning correctly for the EN content.

I can confirm that in the db, the fields are all set to the correct language and that there are no UND fields.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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