These tools are also knows as security scanners. I am looking for such open source and free scanners for Ajax driven grails/Java web application that would identify major security flaws such as Injection and XSS Attacks. Such top 10 security risks are identified by OWASP Top 10.

As a bonus question what is Java/groovy source code level scanner for such purpose?

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You should try to use Sonar. Sonar has the ability to analyse the quality of your code and in addition to detect :

  • SQL Injection Vulnerability
  • Password Management Vulnerability
  • Error Handling and Logging flaws
  • Insecure direct object reference
  • Servlet reflected cross site scripting vulnerability


You can read this for more information !

Some great screencasts are available here.

A online demo Sonar is available here if you want to test the tool before installing.

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